• Chemours
  • $58,310.00 -118,360.00/year*
  • Parkersburg, WV
  • Automotive
  • Full-Time
  • 1131 7th St

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As we create a colorful, capable and cleaner world through chemistry, we invite you to?join our team to harness the power of chemistry to shape markets, redefine industries and improve lives for billions of people around the world.

Functions and Responsibilities

Works safely to prevent on-the-job injuries by meeting and observing all safety practices and rules.? Wears appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing as part of the job at all times.

Locks, tag, clears and try various equipment and systems and performs first breaks in order to ensure equipment is safe to work on.

Disassembles, inspects, cleans, repairs, and reassembles equipment such as pumps, gearboxes, blowers, pressure vessels, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems air compressors, etc. according to oral and written instructions.

Dismantles and reassembles piping, vessels, etc. in order to make them available for cleaning and inspection.

With appropriate qualifications, certification, experience, and/or training, performs other advanced mechanic tasks such as welding, vibration analysis, valve bench work, refrigeration, rigging, etc.

Removes, replaces, troubleshoots repairs, calibrates torques, applies vacuum pressure, and makes other adjustments, clearances, torques, and pressures to mechanical equipment.

Aligns rotating and stationary equipment such as pumps, shafts, motors, gearboxes, blowers, and drive assemblies in order to prevent premature bearing, shaft and coupling failure.

Inspect, replace, repair, adjust or align equipment such as belts, sheaves, chains, sprockets, guides, rolls, jackshafts, spray nozzles, pumps, shafts, and blowers, etc.

Troubleshoot equipment and systems by observing condition and operating parameters within skill, experience, and expertise levels.

Continually monitor equipment and machines by noticing changes in sounds, odors, temperature, and mechanical movements in order to identify malfunctions or unwanted shutdowns.

Disassembles and reassembles heaving equipment such as columns, heat exchangers, and calandrias in order to make them read for rigging, cleaning, inspection, packing and/or gasket replacement.

Performs first break of hazardous lines using appropriate PPE such as acid suit, etc.

Responsible for sharing job related information to trainees, other mechanics, to maintain and repair mechanical equipment and systems.

Gains and utilizes through experience knowledge of the terminology, equipment, process flow, key operating parameters, product or service standards, raw materials, etc. for the product or business unit being maintained.

Makes accurate, precision measurements using dial indicators, optiline lasers, depth gauges, micrometers, feeler gauges, and calipers, etc. to align, check and adjust mechanical equipment.

Properly handle, transport, and install relief valves, rupture discs, and conservation-vacuum breakers using hand or special tools to make them available for inspection, and to verify the condition of holders, piping and/or vessels according to VR code.

Removes, reconditions, and/or replaces mechanical seals, labyrinth and lip seals in vessels, pumps, gear boxes, agitators, etc. in order to control contamination and repair leaks.

Adjusts, reconditions, sharpens, balances, and/or replaces cutter blades safely.

Hydrostatically test equipment such as piping and vessels in order to verify design pressure, check quality of repairs, vacuum checks, or check for leaks.

Performs periodic maintenance by periodically inspecting and repairing equipment such as ovens, packaging lines, wrapping lines, dryers, etc.

Cleans work area in order to maintain site safety and housekeeping standards.

Disassembles, replaces, and/or repairs and reassembles hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and/or pumps on tote bin tumblers, box dumpers, etc.

Enters vacation, overtime, and pay into MyInfo.

Inspects and verifies new parts to ensure correct design, composition, and tolerances for equipment.

Access, modify, update, and add equipment information (history) in SAP in order to maintain equipment records.

Cuts, drills, taps, reams, bends, punches, and threads various metal and plastic parts.

Effectively uses SAP system to accomplish various tasks.

Measures, cuts, threads, fabricates, and installs stainless steel, black iron, copper, plastic, and galvanized pipe and piping systems according to pipe code specifications.

Completes and documents safety inspections of fire doors, ladders, dock boards, chain falls, shop tools, etc. in order to ensure that they are safe to use.

Inspects, repairs, and/or replaces defective steam traps, valves, strainers, piping, etc. to protect equipment, insure personal safety, and conserve energy.

Inspects, sets up, and safely uses ladders, scaffolds, etc. including tie-off, safety harnesses, etc. as required for elevated work.

Locates, reads, and interprets technical information required to complete mechanical task such as blueprints, schematics drawings, technical manuals, CAD drawings, etc.? Uses information to plan or do work.

Lubricates gearboxes, reservoirs, bearings, mechanical assemblies and other equipment selecting proper lubricants according to specifications to prolong equipment life.

Read, interpret, and verify bearings fit specifications to ensure proper removal, handling, and installation.

Remove and reinstalls packing in various equipment.

Requests vessel entry, grinding, spark producing/welding, etc. permits.

Rigs valves, pumps, motors, piping, and other equipment.

Cuts, solders, or heats various metals.

Lies out and fabricates parts from various materials using hand, power, and special tools.

Monitors air samples prior to entering and during confined space operations.

Operates lifts and hoists in order to position equipment for inspection, dismantlement, and repair.

Plans and lays out work for tools and equipment in immediate work area.

Laps items such as valve seats, carbon seals, extruder bushings, wear discs, blades, etc. in order to fit up and obtain smooth sealing surfaces.

Make sketches of equipment such as steel frames, piping, and sheet metal items.

Operate motorized vehicles such as pickup trucks, forklift trucks, serial workbasket lifts, transporters, veri-lifts, etc.

Participates in meetings concerning issues such as safety, customer service, and work planning in order to exchange information and solve problems.

Suggests improvements in work methods and procedures by discussing with team members.

Burns, heats, and cuts metal items such as grating, flat/angle iron, piping bearings, bearing housing, and bolts using hand, power, and special tools.

Effectively locate needed information using INTRANET and other computer systems.

Responds to emergency situations using appropriate personal protective equipment and using emergency first-aid techniques.

Assists with start up of mechanical equipment after overhauls, repairs, etc.

Contacts vendors, i.e. GPS, about pumps, seals, valves, motors, mixers, etc. in order to accomplish the job.

Connects and disconnects tank cars, trucks, and trailers in order to prepare for loading and unloading chemicals.

Obtains and/or measures, cuts, and installs gaskets and O-rings in mechanical and piping systems according to pipe code specifications.

Prepares and uses Safety Clean solvent in order to clean mechanical parts and equipment.

Assists in project design and implementation with other project team members.

Implements and assists in Change of Design (COD) to plant equipment such as piping in order to make new and/or alter existing installations.

Initiates or assists in revisions to mechanical job procedures and safety handbook updates.

Participates in investigation of employee injuries and new and altered equipment inspections in order to determine the cause of an accident and/or to prevent injuries from occurring.

Disassembles, repairs, and reassembles steam turbines using hand, power, and special tools to return to design specifications.

Takes shock pulse and vibration readings on bearing and rotating equipment using special tools to predict equipment failure.

Properly and safely rigs valves, pumps, motors, piping and other equipment within scope of experience, training, and confidence.? Knows limitations and calls Riggers as needed.

Aligns with dial indicators and laser align rotating and stationary equipment such as pumps, shafts, motors, gearboxes, blowers, and drive assemblies in order to prevent premature bearing, shaft, and coupling failures.

Properly handles, transports, installs, and torques RV?s, RD?s, and CV breakers using hand and special tools to make them available for inspection and to verify the condition of holders, piping and/or vessels according to VR code.

Using acetylene torch burns, heats, cleans, and cuts metal items such as grating, flat/angle iron, piping bearings, bearing house, and bolts using hand, power, and special tools.

Properly inspects, maintains, and/or replaces personal, shop, power, and/or special tools.

Maintains current qualifications of PSM Critical skills applicable for assigned area.

Troubleshoots and repairs pressurized, vacuum, and/or flake conveyance systems.

Disassembles, replaces, and/or repairs and reassembles hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and/or pumps on tote bin tumblers, box dumpers, etc.

Effectively uses electronic information systems such as SAP, Outlook and MyInfo etc. to accomplish various tasks.

At Chemours, you will find sustainability in our vision, our business and your future. If you want to work on the leading edge of your field and have a desire to make a difference, join Chemours and discover what it means when we say ?We Are Living Chemistry?.

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